Nightfall Prayers

by Demian Clav

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First official Demian Clav album.

If Jarvis Cocker recorded an album inspired by 70s prog rock it might sound like this. Coming across like the soundtrack to a surreal dream, this intriguing album from Frenchman ‘LSK’ features cellos, squeeking fret work, pipe organ sounds and Romany violins to good effect. It rarely raises its pace above that of above a heartbeat and when it does on Me, Myself and I it has as much in common with 60s psyche as it does 70s art rock. That they’ve supported The Legendary Pink Dots on tour must be some independent measure of quality.
(dso/Rob Dyer)

Musique des frimas, des matins d’hiver embrumés, des lieux anciens et secrets, les prières de la tombée de la nuit se psalmodient dans un déroulement dramatique, une succession d’actes musicaux sans lien narratif, un voyage narratif pour promeneur solitaire. Pièces d’un théâtre tourmenté, secoué de bourrasques émotionnelles, les morceaux composés par le duo nantais empruntent autant au death-rock qu’à la musique classique, à l’art rock qu’au folk. Ses tableaux restaurent le romantisme dans son authentique noirceur, dans son onirisme et sa folle liberté. Des bribes de discours savants se noient dans des chœurs d’outre monde. Ces emprunts (samplés) à un fonds intellectuel exigeant brouillent les pistes, hermétiques jusqu’à l’étrange. L’incursion dans ces ambiances surannées au raffinement gothique est génératrice de sensations aussi fortes que troublantes.
(Longueur d’Ondes/ Jessica Boucher-Rétif)


released May 12, 2009

All tracks and lyrics by D. Clavreul



all rights reserved


Demian Clav Paris, France

Gothic Poetry & Rock

"Somewhere in between pure melancholia and real darkness."

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Track Name: H. Castle

How does it called?
I don’t know. No title.

Yoli Yoli Wake up! We’ve got to go!

This sound is what the ancient philosophers called “the harmony of the spheres”.
The nine angelic choirs transmit to the world the silent music sung by God, though every choir transmits a more and more sounding music to his inferior, until it becomes the sound like we usually hear – because sound is the body of music, silence is the soul .

There’s an explanation of this somewhere
The letters become more and more visible in the H. Castle’s gardens
And your enamel eyes irradiate this perfect indifference

What I have rejected as false was true
Do you remember ?
These signs stay with no answer
Not as you will but as I will

The real life touches the sky

(D. Clavreul/Demian Clav)
Track Name: Svarâj

I love you I love you I love you

Hello excuse me can you tell me where I am?

I know when one is dead and when one lives
Who knows when I have betrayed myself and when I have betrayed you?
Who knows if we could have loved ourselves and why
We have received so much apparently in vain?

(D. ClavreulDemian Clav)
Track Name: Time Execution

While I was in the garden I saw this tree
The one you described for me that very evening
I sat down breathless and fell asleep

Answering to some mysterious order in the morning I dug into the ground
At the precise place where I laid down
And I found linen wearing ancient letters
And all the sentences were false testimonies about what I’d been living

You disappeared in the morning
And this road that I have chosen is the best one
Nobody waits for me at the end so I can be sure that I will find myself this way
My father touched my head with his hand
Was it for blessing me or simply for saying goodbye?

Have mercy Love on me watch my bitter weeping
Look at me heart and eyes both weep to you bitterly
Before you I yield my all
My all I open full to you
Your son is measured here against us by his death upon the tree
I cannot set aside my sorrow but through your grace
I may well see with open eyes upon the mourning
Your love is greater than the sins in me

(Demian Clav/D. CLAVREUL)2008
Track Name: Ex Oriente Lux

I surely don’t want to haunt you like this

So called justification:
Evidence of nothing at all
I elegantly use nightfall to lie to you my love
Your Hölderlin-like eyes kneel down close to the cold room

But if this voice is not even my voice
Is this a fragment of you?
Is this you living and breathing in me?

(Demian Clav/D. Clavreul)
Track Name: Earlinger Lake (Loserstar)

I see you so indelicate
Can’t say if I am still with you
Or is it just for laugh (oh no)
Or is it just

I let you down for the second time
And this one seems to be ... fatal

I see the silver price of blood

(Demian Clav/D. CLAVREUL)
Track Name: Sub Specie Aeterni

I know when one is dead and when one lives
Lend me a looking-glass

I come back to this place where you’re still there
Evenly reading the same words as an hostage
You know that I simply ask you for a sign
I have no right to do it
This is harder than me
Stars brighten the distance between suffering and poverty
Forgiveness and recovery
Death and severance

Why do you bother the woman?
For she has wrought a good work upon me.
For you have the poor always with you, but me you have not always.
For in that she has poured this ointment on my skin
She did it for my funeral.
Verily I say to you.
Wherever this Gospel shall be preached in the whole world,
There shall also this, that this woman has done,
be told of her for a memorial.”

(Demian Clav/D.Clavreul)
Track Name: Nightfall League

Why could you not watch with me one hour? Watch with me
I must find an answer to these voices swearing that I was unfaithful

I should have lived my life in an instant sharing this stirring smile with you
The time of an April dance

And these signs before or after are gone
And will not come back anymore
Already far away stay with no answer
Eventually mean nothing

The blue skeletons of birds dance

This night is made of white light stones and contempt
Not as I will, but as you will.

I don’t know what to do with these words anymore
And it is you who tries to justify
The pain we both feel at the same instant for the same reason
This suffering we will never forget

(Demian Clav/Dominique CLAVREUL)
Track Name: Arrest

If only you could reach these three black lights following the stairs
Until the hall piercing with iron trembling bars
Enter the reserved chamber where I deal this elegant vitriol-like intensity
Praying and watching esoteric thoughts of death
Do you remember?

But how then shall the Scriptures be fulfilled that it must be like this?

Have you come out, as against a thief, in order to judge me?
I sat daily with you teaching in the temple and you said nothing to me.

But all this was done, that the Scriptures of the Prophets might be fulfilled

(Demian Clav/D.CLAVREUL/Holy Bible)
Track Name: Threshold

Slowly he returns to me
A dying angel flying down
He seems to know infinity and smiles
And then who wants to know who’s dead?
Surely an angel not me

I’m so far away to be here
And so are all the words to be sure
Away what’s dead for all or for nothing at all
Effectively the sky is the limit
A kind of light is screaming
So the time in my mouth will talk to me

Slowly he returns to me
The loveliest angel flying down
And now how can I read one more line?
When I know there is only one way for me:
Becoming dead for him
Becoming light

(D. Clavreul/Demian Clav)
Track Name: The Underworld Engagement

One more introduction: how could I keep on telling this story?
Is this really what I want to do anyway?
I see you slowly disappearing within what I write for you

How can I be sure that I don’t lie to you?
I only feel that this trembling voice
This war like voice betraying my real intentions
This miserable voice is really my own voice

And then I would have known if I had seen you one more time
And for lack of knowing your secrets
I would have known had you wondered what you wanted to live with me
Your name is on a silver law book once baptized with scary sacred tears

Someone deep in me defies this slovenly angel who’s dead and who? Me ? starts to smile and
There will be no more angels no more visions unveiling promises or signs
To justify this story saying you should have lived again after the death strike

What I have done for you was not enough
We finally did nothing but defy and lie to each other
Don’t think that I could have known you would be back to the H.castle
I didn’t want to believe in all this and I know I still don’t in a way
I said I didn’t believe in you
But if only I should have guessed that I would talk to you like this
We will be together

(D.Clavreul/Demian Clav)
Track Name: White Evening

I don’t remember what I have said to you
I’m sure you don’t know it yourself
We are just together here

And you will find nothing on the H. Castle gardens carrying you against your will
Until this waste ground where I sit for years
Eyes lowered
Scarcely breathing

(Demian Clav /D. Clavreul)
Track Name: H. Castle Graveyard

There isn’t any explanation
The letters become invisible on the H. castle gravestones
And your eyes irradiate this false indifference

But where are you going?

(Demian Clav/D. Clavreul)
Track Name: Ethical of Sadness

Give oh give me back my Lord (love)
See the silver price of blood
At my (your) feet in horror poured
By myself

The possession of your body
The understanding of your death
The reason why I